Eastern Light dark fiber build-out

Eastern Light builds, owns and operates international, long-haul fiber infrastructure between major data centers and communication hubs in Northern Europe. Our focus is on selling dark fiber to operators, cloud providers, OTTs and other types of customers with special requirements for controlling their own physical fiber routes. Our customers then deploy their own active equipment on top of their dedicated fiber to create a finished communication service over which they have complete control.

Overview of Eastern Light's ongoing expansion projects

Overview of Eastern Light’s ongoing expansion projects (click on image to enlarge).

Sweden – Finland (I)

Eastern Light has completed the first new fiber optic sea cable system between Sweden (Stockholm) and Finland (Utö, Hanko, Helsinki and Kotka) in more than a decade, shortening the fiber distance between Stockholm and Helsinki by 20%. Along its entire length, the cable route is fully physically separated from existing cables and, in both countries, Eastern Light delivers its own fiber all the way into major data centers – end-to-end including the last mile – without any connectors and with an absolute minimum of splices.

Eastern Light’s first leg: Fiber between Sweden and Finland (I)

Eastern Light’s first leg: Fiber between Sweden (Stockholm) and Finland (Utö, Hanko, Helsinki and Kotka). Click on image to enlarge.

Further build-out underway

Over the next few years Eastern Light will considerably expand its network in Europe, as outlined in this illustration. This is in order to meet the growing demand for international long-haul dark fiber connections in the region, and in particular to address the need for new, direct and seamless dark fiber routes between major data centers. The expansion preparations and planning run in parallel for all sub-projects – including the acquisition of land plots at key locations for sea cable landings and technical buildings – and have been underway for several years. Eastern Light is currently in the process of determining the exact cable routes in active collaboration with customers and other stakeholders, and makes steady process in acquiring necessary permits both on land and at sea from landowners and authorities in the respective countries. Physical construction is initiated stepwise, one sub-project at a time, on the basis of commercial priorities.

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Eastern Light further build-out fiber stretches

Further build-out: Over the next few years Eastern Light will considerably expand its dark fiber network. Click on image to enlarge.

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